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Sunday, October 28, 2012

mudik Idul Adha ^0^ (the accident)

Memories were tailing when we spent few days at my husband's hometown.
It was last Wednesday night when we took a bus heading to Wonosobo, and a truck hit my bus causing a crack on the window which is made from glass. Billion pieces of glass bursted to my son's body while he was sleeping. Panicking attacked me in a  sudden, I tried to clean up his body without making too much noise, and begged the driver to stop.

Aaand, guess what? my son didn't lose his excitement when I told him that our bus was hit by a truck, and we need to stop for a while to fix it and remove the glass from the seat. He just act like nothing bad happen. He laughed and smiled a lot, and was running around as usual. He waved his hands and called me from inside of the bus to show me that he was helping his father removing the glass from the bus. At that time I realized that he was happy, it doesn't matter how terrible the situation was, but he just happy, hahahhaha........
cheeeeersss ^^,

And seeing his big smile made me more calm. He didn't see the accident as a terrible moment, on the other hand, it just an exciting experience for him. yeaaaah, maybe I should start to envy him, because he had this moment when he still 5 year old, but I experienced a time when my bus was hit by a truck at age 32, hahahaha......

That night, my son taught me that it is simple to be happy, just turning your head and see your obstacles as something that challenging you. And yes, it makes my life happy, cheerful, delighted or what ever words you use to express your happiness. ^^,
Finally, everybody can say " I am not afraid to see the world"

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