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Thursday, December 13, 2012

When the peanuts giving birth ^^,

"ibuuu, look at this," my son said to me.
"ibu, my peanuts giving birth, yeaaay...."
Oh-My-God, when I looked into the small bowl, I could see there were 4 out of 6 sprouting peanuts. Each of the peanuts performed a small bud, which had white-pale green colours. 
And thanks God, he didn't say the peanuts hatched, hahhaha....
The only one reason why we made a mini laboratory experiment, is to introduce him the changes which might happen when something grow, and we start it with plants (growing the peanuts).

After that, we scrutinized the peanuts' growing state for few days. Unfortunately, our peanuts were not successfully growing. All of it were covered by fungi, and we decided to throw it before we took some photos of the peanuts' amazing growth. 
however, at least, he record the changes shown by the peanuts haha...
But then, an unexpected question was asked by my-lovely-clever boy,
"Ibu, when we throw the peanuts, do their mother will look for them?"
oh yes, there was another hard question to be answered. ^^,
What dayya think?

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