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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

MY -CArry All BAg- how to sew a bag for beginner.

Hi everyone,
This post is inspired by youtube video from sewspire in here.
I was interested to give it a shot, since my first child asking for a bag that is big enough to carry his lunch, water bottle, spare of clothing and some times his big book on the weekend.

My choice came into this tutorial because it quite easy for a beginner like me. I should tell you that this is the first time I sew a bag. And I am quite pleased with the result.
What you need to prepare are:
* A pair of fabric, for outer and inner parts. I chose plain and striped fabrics for outer and inner parts, respectively.
* A brown plain fabrics match to the inner part to form divider inside the bag.
* 125 meters of webbing in a pair, for the handle.

as you can see, the green is for outer, stripe for the inner and plain brown for the divider.
For the size, I think you can adjust them, based on how big you need it to be.

I strongly recommend you to watch the video first, to get the ideas how the sewing goes on. Because I modified the end part of the sewing technique.
What I did first time was attaching the divider to the inner part of the bag. Once it done, I secured the handle into the outer.
Next step is to sew the body, the left and right of the bag (as seen on the picture below, shown by red arrow). Then continued by sewing the bottom. Do exactly the same for the inner.

We come to the part where I slightly modified attaching the inner and the outer.
What I did was arranging both the wrong side of inner and outer facing outside. This makes the handle, and the bag divider hid inside.

This is how I did the arrangement before securely sew the top. Both of the wrong side of the fabrics facing outside. Remember that the inner already has the divider, and the outer has the handle attached securely, as all of those things hid inside, you cannot see them while sewing the top using this technique.
Continue sewing the top of the bag, but leave around 20 cm un-sewed. Leave the hole open, then pull both fabrics through the un-sewed part.

This how it was looked like while both fabrics completely pulled out. Finally, you can sew the hole. And thats it! The bag is ready to go.

Have a nice day everyone!

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