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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Crossbody bag

Hi everyone! If you remember my last post about preparing the zipper for my cross body bag here, today we are going to finish the bag by attaching the zipper to the bag.

   The materials that you need to prepare are:
  1. 2 fabrics for the bag's outer in the size of: 25x19cm  (let's call them 1a and 1b) and one piece of fabric (1c) in the size of 68x10cm.
  2. 2 pieces of fabric matching to the outer in the size of 15x10cm (name them 1d).
  3. 3 pieces of fabrics for the inner bag in the same size of the outer fabrics (1e and 1f in the size of 25X19cm,  and 1g in the size of 68X10cm .
  4. 2 pieces of D-ring
  5. Sewing threads


*Attach the zipper into the inner fabric. One wing of the zipper attached to 1e, the other wing should  be attached to 1f. 
*Once it is done, continue the sewing by attaching the 1e and 1f to 1g. Now you should have the inner bag nearly ready.
once you finished, the inner should be look like this. 1E and 1F properly attached to 1G.
*Repeat the second step for the outer bag
I put on an insert under the outer, to make the fabrics a little bit sturdy and the the bag a shape.
*Grab the fabric that has 15x10cm in size fold them in half twice, then tighten the corner.
First fold
fold it again, and sew all of the four sides.
D-ring holder before and after sewing.
*Put the D-ring in the middle and fold them again, then sew it at the outer bag, at the top of the 1C fabric. Attach the D-ring holder to the outer left and right side. 
I put a pin to keep the the ring holder keep on the place, but you can sew it instead if you like.
*Prepare the outer then wrap it with the inner both of the right side facing face-to-face.
*Sew the top of the bag then leave a hole around 20cm. Pull the right side of the bag from the hole.

*Fold the fabric on the hole and then sew them from end-to-end.

And now you have your bag ready!

Thank you for reading & see you next time!

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