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Thursday, February 14, 2019

A quick update for a Small living room on budget.

Living in a small house with a tiny living room could be so challenging when we want to put decoration in it. Too much decoration will make the room feel cramped, but if nothing there it can makes whoever sitting there having a dull moment all day long.
Having a right decoration is one point we should consider to upgrade the look.
After 5 years of our first home renovation, I was thinking to update my super tiny living room. However, I was too lazy to spend too much money on it even for shopping.

It took me few hours surfing on internet to look for some ideas of quickest way living room update.
Google gives me ideas that updating a room doesn't always means we have to replace all the furnitures with a brand new one, especially when you are on a tight budget or have no time to look for a brand new household properties that suits your home. Old furniture will look spectacular like a brand new thing with small touch. This brings me a flash to recycle or re-newing my old furniture, just by doing a little effort on it.

Then I decided to use my crochet flower collections, along with decision to make over old painting on the living room wall, and I think that was the best make-over I have done so far. :))
Check out the steps on how I did it!!

1. Prepare the decorations
I like crocheting and have a lot of flower crochet stock in numerous styles and colours. Some of them were made using the same pattern but in different colour and types of yarn. So they aren't quite similar :P.
Choosing which one that I was going to use for wall decoration was not as easy as I thought. Because I need to consider whether it is match with the wall paint and other furniture exist in my living room. Am I wanting it to be completely flat or make it a little 3D looks? Whether I want it looks "rich" and full with flowers in different styles and colours, or keep it simple.

crochet flowers.

Artificial leaves
My concern is not to make the tiny living room too crowded. So I chose the most simple flowers and some of them are in the same pattern and colour. I prepared some artificial leaves and burlap fabric for background of the decoration. If you do not have a stock of crocheted flowers at home, you can be more creative using paper, fabrics or even invest in buying quilling paper then makes a quilling paper art!

I also prepared Astero glue, artificial pearls, needles and thread in matching colour to the background.

2. Design the arrangement of the ornaments and do a little sewing
It took me almost one full day to design final looks of the wall deco. As you know, there are thousands ideas on the internet. But then it makes me even more confused. I have tried many of them before then I realised that in order to get a nice arrangement, we need to count the overall size and colours of the decoration. *sigh
One might look best for other room because it was placed in a way bigger living room than mine. :P
In my case, I really want it to look warn and homey, but still simple.

Investing your time on designing is not a waste at all. Remember that the decoration is meant to impress the guests and all the family members. Taking pictures of different styles before you decide to pick one of the best is also crucial. Our brain might not be able to remember all the design we have tried. Pictures are really handy to refresh our memories. For me, taking pictures is important since I have a toddler who following me almost everywhere. I can look back the pictures and decide which one I think is the best while playing with my baby.

Once the design is fixed, it is time to stick the flowers onto the background. At first, I was thinking to attach the crochet flowers using a glue gun. But then I remember some of my corsage were separated from its pin when it was tacked using glue gun, besides I don't want that opaque-dried glue appear on the decoration.
I decided to go with threats and needles. Yes it takes longer time. But I think the result is awesome, it  also makes the decoration washable which is impossible if I chose the glue gun.
Stick each flower onto the burlap one-by-one, by stitching every corner of its edge. Anytime I started to stitch a flower, I looked back the picture again, to remain me which flower and where it should be placed.

DOn't forget to sew each edge of the burlap fabric, it may takes time, but worth it. Unless we want to see the yarn fall a part.

A little hand sewing on the edges of the background fabric really helps to make it looks neat.

3. Clean up.
This step probably the easiest among others, lol.
I did not use specific cleaner for wood, I used water instead. Just pre-wet unused cloth, then wipe the wooden frame carefully. Let it sit at room temperature to dry.

4. Finishing
To finish my wall deco is such a big deal for me, because honestly I didn't have any idea how to attach the fabric onto the frame and covers the old painting!
My confusedness took me to search (again) bunch of videos, tutorials and bunch tips on "how to attach fabric to wooden frame", but none of them applied to my needs. Most of the tutorials are giving advices on how to make a permanent wall deco, in my case, I want it to be washable, which means it should be easy to be attached or removed for cleaning.

Then I have an idea to use velcro.
Velcro consists of two parts, which are hook and loop. I put the Hook on the surface of the old painting and the loop at a the back side of the burlap fabric(sewn).
Attaching the hook parts on the old painting is a real hurdle, I have tried sticking it using Astero glue (it says it is a multifunction glue, suitable for paper, carpet even for wood). However, it didn't as strong as I expected. I leave it for a while to dry, then tighten it by hand sewing, just like the way I was stitching the loop at the back of the burlap fabric.
This is how I attach the velcro. 

Once it done, the fabric is ready to be fastened to the old wooden frame and cover the painting.
And tadaaaa,,,, I love it..

New mood at my living room.
I hope you all picking ideas from my post, old thing can be transformed into something pretty too. Other good things are it is save your wallet and your time.

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