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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Crochet hair ties that every girls can't resist: crochet spiral hair ties, with beads and using edging motifs

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Making a crochet craft is undeniably privileged for those who love yarn and hook.
However, most of crochet projects are taking a long time to be completed. Some projects are not applicable for a quick presents that should be done in an hour. But scrunchies doesn't relates to all of those problems, It is quick, pretty and functional. I have heard that scrunchies back again after years being forgotten. It was a hit around 80's, but then girls grow, and forget them until now it becomes a hit again.
I was told that girls sometimes put them in their wrist recently, so it looks like a fluffy bracelet.
And sometimes they make a hair bun, just like old-fashioned scrunchies meant to be.

Crocheting a scrunchie could be more fun than you ever expected. We can be creative applying beads, spirals or have fun using edging motif patterns on the making. Here I present basic steps of scrunchies creation followed by ideas that you might expand to make your own.

  • Elastic Hair tie
  • Crochet Hooks (4.5 mm and 2.5 mm)
  • Yarns ( I prepared 2 colours, one in solid colour and the other is variegated)
  • Scissor
  • Stitching marker
  • Tapestry Needle

Materials needed to make a scrunchy, looks like I was missing my crochet hooks in the picture. Apologise for tiny little finger too :)

Basic Scrunchies making:

Tighten the yarn to the elastic hair tie. We can do whatever technique to make the yarn well attached to hair tie. But I prefer to use a simple knot as seen on the picture.
To cover the hair tie, I doubled the yarn so it covers quicker than using single. Don't feel bothered with the different colours (orange and blue), I love doing it with contrast colours, because it always blends nicely. 
On the picture above, I used orange and blue from Alize baby wool (made of wool and bamboo) so I needed 4,5 mm crochet hook to do a single crochet covering hair tie. Another option for quick covering hair tie is using bigger and more chunky yarn. The result is pretty nice too, but if we are using thicker yarn, don't double it, because we will need more stitches later, to make beautiful layers.

The colase above shows how to cover hair tie in a short time. Notice the orange and blue colours blend perfectly. When the hair ties completely covered, put stich marker on it.
That is the basic technique to cover hair tie, to make it simple, basically I just do single crochet around the hair tie. Once it completed we can stop here and directly finish the work or start playing around by adding layers with beautiful shape.

Adding layers to scrunchies.

First step at making the layers is picking the pattern. In my project I decided to use edging motif from one of my japanese crochet book (this lovely book titled Handmade Beads Crochet from SEIBIDO MOOK and available on Amazon for $10) and adding spirals into it. If previous step (basic scrunchies making) I used double yarn in one go, I will take one down for now, and keep going with only one yarn. As a consequences, I need to change the crochet hook too, so I will crochet using my 2,5mm now.
The edging pattern that I picked has 4 rounds to be completed as seen on the picture below:

First round was completed while we were covering the hair tie. My plan is to add spirals between the peaks, well do not really know how to mention the peak, but this diagram below might help.

Blue circle is the peak I mentioned before, and the red circles show points where I am going to start making spirals. So basically, spirals will be made when we do second round, then continue round 3 and 4 as suggested by the pattern.
I wanted to work with blue yarn, so need to take down the orange. Put the marker at the blue loop, then do single crochet with orange then fasten off. Start layering by following the diagram, here I added extra spiral backbone while doing first round of layering to make a spiral shape on the scrunchy.

Spiral shape.

Making a spiral is not difficult. It basically just adding extra 2 double crochet at every backbone spiral chain. Lets see the picture below.

For my project, I did 15 chains of spiral backbone. But others love to do around 20 which makes it longer spiral. Then please added 3 extra chains before doing twice double crochet at chain number 4 from edge (picture no.9). So those 3 extra chains are counted as 1 double crochet.

At the next chain, do 3 double crochet along the way until we reach the last backbone spiral chain (as shown in picture 10). Last chain should be filled with 1 double crochet, then 1 half double crochet, and followed by 1 single crochet (picture 11). Then finish it with slip stitch to the chain where we start chaining the backbone (picture no. 12). Now we have a perfect spiral.

After 1 spiral done, we can continue layering again following the pattern along with adding the spiral shape. When it was done, the half done scrunchie starting to show a cute colour combination.

My half done scrunchie before I added 2 more layers on it.
To remain you again, we now still on the second round of the edging pattern that I chose.

More layers.

Before starting the third and fourth round, I changed the yarn and got another solid blue colour (dark blue) of local cotton yarn. Changing the yarn would not be a problem if it was having a same size and  using exactly the same hook too. If the second layer and the spiral was using Alize baby woll, the third and fourth layers were made of cotton yarn.

The third and fourth layers are simply following the edging pattern. And voila, look how cute it is!!

Other ideas for scrunchies

Actually, making scrunchies is fun and a little bit addictive for me. It almost always turns out so cute at every pattern and design I have tried. Moreover, there is no painfull counting during the making. Because the stitches basically depends on how much ruffle or layers we want to make.
Here are some I made weeks before, now all of them are happy with their new owner (I hope)!.

A scrunchie I made with edging pattern.

 Various spirals models on scrunchies.

Scrunchies with beads, makes it even more beautiful.