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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What to crochet ( or to do) when you are bored: small tips to back in crochet in no time.

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Back in the day when I was still working from 9-5, crocheting has never fail making me relax.
But since I have a career switch, become a freelancer, blogger, doing freelance editor and crocheting is one of my income stream, there are days I cannot read pattern right and kept making mistakes on counting, have to frog rows and tired of looking for inspirations to re-gain my crochet soul.

First thing we need to understand is that sometimes, getting bored with activity that we usually enjoy is completely normal. Having crochet as a hobby, side hustle or the major income are completely different. For the last one, the pressure is real and it is totally understand-able that make a living with crochet is completely not an easy thing. That is why, we get bored easily, along with a bit of frustration, and lack of rest. It took me a while to think how I am going to solve this, but at least these are points to try on to heating up again. :)

1. Try to work on something small, quick and easy project.

Could be hat, bookmark, small bag, small granny squares, scrunchies, anything small will work. The project should be finish in 0 day and it will give us sense of gratification. Once the small project finished, I can tick my daily to do list and feel completed. I know it sounds silly, but it works for me, so I can move on to other things, like read a book which has 'heavy' content, why? the only reason is just aiming to keep the brains in balance. next chapter will explain it well.

2. Switch to your left brain exercise.

As a crafter, a blogger and editor, I feel like I have to do the job everyday. That is the reason behind my super busy to-do-lists. Successfully ticking one chore is sooo..satisfying. When the right brain done exercising through crochet, time to upgrade my left brain speed. There are advantages in keeping both left and right brain in balance, science says it helps us in long run, to identify problems, finds solutions, take action in righteous ways. For sure, being an entrepreneur needs both brains to work in harmony. What do we do to 'activate' the left brain? easy, just read something, not a pattern this time please.., but something that trigger your analytical thinking, rational thoughts, scientific and time oriented readings. My self usually buried under my biological books and scientific journals I love to read, besides, it gives me advantages while doing editing for some scientific papers.

But another time, I munched lots of writing suggestions, hacks, keeping up with audience or anything for my blogging success. It is a rewarding short escape from crocheting, by learning something else at a time. Great way to save the day!

3. Don't pressure our self.

Take it easy! It is ok not to do crocheting while it put us in pressure. Magazines and books are good to relax too. Maybe by seeing colour combinations or new pattern can heal our crochet soul. So just enjoy something you would love to make, not because someone else would like it. The last would be the main idea, make something you love, do not bother whether the customer will love it or not. It is time our self first. Anything else can wait.

4. Make something to donate.

A sense of giving can bring us joy too. A lot of people feel more completed after making donations, which also confirmed by science where it says sense of giving activate brain areas identical to pleasure. The worth of giving affects our happiness too. 
Some people concern about how and where we could make donations.
Well, there are plenty charity foundation easily found online, or we can access nearest hospital, or mosque, or church that regularly help the needy. Even we can start our own fundraising to help wild animal care, homeless or orphanage. We can sell things or directly giving our crocheted item to the one who need it, sure if they need it they will love it as much as we do.

5. Take a break.

What I mean is days off from the crochet hook and the yarns. It could be just one day, one week. It is up to you. During the break we can do horse riding, go to the sea, ... or maybe yarn shopping like I always do. It never fail bringing back my mood. 
I usually have my break planned at least 2-3 days before. At the early hours of the break, what I always do is re-shaping my schedules. I do note taking a lot, to records which one of my plans are work, and which one are failed. Then followed by future planning. By doing this, I keep my business on track even on holiday. Re-planning and re-scheduling like that usually only take 1-2 hours, then I am ready to play with my kids and leave the business behind for a while. The key is just time management! :)

6. Switch to knitting or sewing!

I have to admit, I do not know how to knit, but a most crocheters can do knitting too, hahahah. But I can sew neatly, *laugh*.
When my tedious state strikes, I sew easy things. It could be re-newing my pillows, sewing small pouch or just an easy sling bag. I am totally in love any kind of sling bags. Many times, while I was completing my sewing projects, I am badly miss my crochet hook and yarn stash again. :)

7. Re-arrange the yarn stash and our working space.

Oh my, this part is my favorite!!
I really enjoy arranging the stash , based on color, types and I do it regularly. My work space is very tiny, it is just occupying one small sized table and 1 medium sized cupboard. And everything should fit inside, plus I have a very active toddler that always curious about my 'treasure'. So, I have to make them (all my yarn, buttons, sewing machine, and all my crochet and sewing tools) away from his sight. But the good thing is, I frequently fell like finding a new stock of yarn, ribbons or new buttons anytime I do cleaning and re-arranging, hahahah. It was my own, just buried under other things.
Just try it, guarantee you will amazed finding your 'old' things too :).

Well thats all I can suggest to bring back the crochet spirit.
Just try to crochet something new, or definitely leave crochet for a while, you will back with new enthusiasm.
I would like to hear your stories too, just leave comments or subscribe so we can connect.
Thank you, and happy chaining again crafters :*
send my love from Indonesia!