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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Yarn storage systems: Multiple tips on how to keep your yarn stash organised.

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Hi everyone!
I am back (again) after a while too busy of other thing non-crochet related!
And now really miss anything about crochet.
I have been asked lately, how do keep my yarn? Do I have tons of them at home? 
Well, yarn storing could be frustrating, I had been there too. I tried so many tips suggested by other crocheters. I have dig so many ideas from Google, Instagram, and even from yarn store while stocking my yarn stash.
Then I realized that there is no one of them really work for me because my home furnitures are very basic and I arranged them only based on our family needs. So there are no fancy things and I do not have specific room for my yarn stash and crafty things. Plus, I have my 2.5 year old and 11 yo boys that always feel an urge to check mommy's property, lol.
Nonetheless, I am still a crafter and need to find a way to keep my yarn stash and my fabric scrap safe, out of children reach, free of dust and well organized.
Here I share my ideas of my yarn storage system, which might not applicable for all the readers but at least giving you ideas so you can adjust them based on your own needs, your home and your daily activities.
Check out all of these tips and pick ideas!

1. Yarn sorting.

First thing is, Unless it is a clearance, have an ordered project or run out of stock, I promise my self not to buy new yarn.
Yes, I tried to change my habit collecting yarn, but not my crochet skill. I found that specifying the pattern prior to purchasing the yarn is more effective than buy the yarn first and decide the project later, like  I had wrote here, I need to adjust my yarn to be fit inside my tiny home. 

First of all, I divided all the yarns based on types. So I have groups of cotton, acrylic and nylon. I don't go with color because it did not work for me! (I tried it before) the reason is simple, because even two balls of yarn have a matching color, if they are not in the same type (example nylon Vs cotton) they would not be beautiful to be combined in one project, they look a little bit weird. Some small project sometimes super fine to have combination of two types of yarn, but big project usually requires exactly the same yarn type.

Another advantage sorting them in type is we will have idea what type of yarn we have most, and which one lack of stock. For me, I have more cotton and acrylic, so then maybe if I find clearance again, I will buy more nylon. 

After I have the exact number of my skeins, I decided to occupy my medium sized cupboard placed in my bedroom, where all my crafty things should be fit in. Believe me it is not an easy tasks! lol.
As an extras, I also purchased boxes in different sizes. A set of plastic bags and sticky tape.

2. Storage system.

Basic need for an effective storage is keeping the yarn untangled. So, for this goal I put one or two skeins in a 1 liter plastic bag, then seal them. The reason why I bought 1 liter plastics so I can keep each yarn separated, untangled and dust free. But you might need the bigger one if you have a lot of giant skeins. Another advantage putting then inside a plastic bag ia we can squeezed them a bit before sealed with sticky tape and make more space without hurting the yarn. 
I put one or two balls in one litre plastic bag then seal them, just like seen on the picture.
This is my cotton group when tightly arranged inside the cupboard. By this method, I can easily check colors, and pick the one I want to work without messing around looking for color! 
My medium sized cupboard which is full of my crafty things inside. The yarn concentrated in the white-3 layered middle part, but I still have more in a bag on the left.
Yes, my yarn is hidden. I realized some part of me really want to see all color I have, but the other say, 'oh maybe no!'. When my kids get older and bigger, I might re-arrange my stash again. To adjust the amount of skeins that may grow bigger, a long with bigger cupboard I might purchase in the future. But for now, this method is the safest from my kiddos, dust free and fit in my tiny home.

3. The WIP's (working in Progress).

I usually have 3-4 projects at a time. It works for me due to I am an-easily get bored-person. So, if I do not have 'sister-projects" to accompany the major one, I will lost my crochet mojo. There is project I have not finished for months, while another finished in 3-4 days, lol. But I never worried about the unfinished-yet one, because she meant to be a side project.
Then, how do I keep my WIPs?
I have one bag for one WIP. So if I have 4 WIPs then I will have 4 bags for each of them. In each bag of WIP, I put a piece of paper that contain information the name of the project, crochet hook for the project, and where I am up to. 
Just take a look one of my WIPs bag!
One of my WIP for toddler at home, so I keep the yarn, crocheted item in a safe bag, exclude the crochet hook. I am not suggesting to put the hook inside without a case, it can easily gone somewhere without us noticing it, or the worst it can tangled to the stitch and ruins the project. 

4. Crochet hook managements.

My crochet hook case was made following a pattern from Priscilla Hewitt. It is great to keep my aluminium crochet hooks but not comfortable for one with rubber/silicone handle. But I really love the case, it becomes my favorite ever since. As my crochet hook grows in number, I found another case suits for them and to keep little things for the ongoing projects.
My ultimate crochet hook case, A zipper is added to keep the crochet hook fall off out off the case. It can manage stitch markers and tapestry neddles too. 
My other 'on the go' crochet hook case, plus other mini things needed during the project. I got this cute bag from sophie martin when purchased a travel bag. Originally it is to keep wallet, travel ticket and other sort of travel things, but it is great for my needles, threads and my scissor too...
I keep my ultimate crochet hook case in a safe place, inside the cupboard, in a box. But the "on the go" crochet hook case usually accompany me everywhere along with my project.

5. How to remove the smell.

Keeping the yarn in a safe place doesn't always means it is free from a certain smell. I got some of mine smell like dust. It is maybe because I avoid to put freshener inside the cupboard. I had a thought it would not be safe for my 2.5 yo toddler, because he tends to taste everything he found.
One of my friend was given a yarn that smell like smoke, well yes the giver is a heavy smoker. How do we cope with this? 
Dealing with dust is a lot easier than removing the smell. I discuss about dusty acrylic yarn and how to remove the dust in this writing. But to remove the smell got me some reading for thoughts.
Here they are some tips that you might try to overcome the unpleasant smell on your yarn.

How to remove unpleasant smell or cigarette smoke from yarn:

1. Put outside under the sun.
It is worked for not-so-strong smell. Lay the project under the sun for hours or days. Let the nature fresh air refresh the yarn or your crocheted project.

2. Febreeze fabric spray.
I never tried this one, but some people strongly recommend this product.

3. Wash after the project completed, how ever if you cannot tolerate the smell during doing the project then wash the yarn before hand.

4. Put Lemon essential oil in a bucket of water and soak the yarn outdoor for a while, lemon essential oil can be replaced by lemon juice or lemons.

5. Use vinegar.
Others said combination of vinegar and lemon juice and orange oil is good for cleaning, as well as removing the smell.

6. Use fabric softener after washing, then lay flat to dry outside.

7. Try a combo of vinegar+baking soda +regular detergent +fabric softener, wash them immediately in a ziplock bag, them dry them with no heat.

8. Try odoban.

The chemical from the cigarette may still on the yarn despite the smell. So we should notice the receiver of the crocheted product whether it is made by smoker or not, so they can decide. For some people who have asthma, this information may really helpful for their health. So does if we have pet around us, we might give notice too to the receiver/buyer prior deal making sales, some people get allergic of pet fur.

Ok then beautiful people,,
Have fun managing your yarn stash!
and don't missed the sale!