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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Scrunchies [2]: Crochet around hair elastic ties and make crocheted mini roses to your scrunchies.

Scrunchies has been one of my favourite item to crochet. They are perfect to manage my various scrap yarn, yet easy and quick to make. Furthermore, no serious counting during the making.
A while ago, I had been lost on Pinterest looking for ideas for my scrunchies, but what I found is the 'old school' one and the other seem too complicated.
I wanted to add flowers to my scrunchies, and there is no one..

I have made dozens scrunchies with spirals, beads and my favourites edging pattern here. And now I want to go further, seeing another creative scrunchies I could make!
So here it is...
I do not have any video tutorial for this, but I really hope the picture and my words can be easy enough for you to follow.

Materials we needed to make scrunchies are:

1. Two skeins of yarn. One for the roses, and the other to make the backgroud. Actually, we can pick any colours, even we can do the roses and the backgroud in the same colour, but here I make it in contrast colour because it is alot easier for me to explain.
2. A scissor.
3. Crochet hook. I used 2.5 mm.
4. Tapestry needle.
5. A hair tie. 

1. Basic stitch.

First thing in  scrunchie making is wrapping the hair tie. In my first tutorial of scrunchies here, I used bigger hook and double the yarn in purpose of covering the hair tie as quick as possible and neat. For now, we will do two things altogether, wrapping the hair tie and make roses. 

The beginning.

# make a knot just like as we start to crochet, and chain around the hair tie 5 times.
I used hair tie that has diameter around 4 cm, for this diameter we are going to add 8-10 roses on the top.

I strongly suggest to use 100% acrylic yarn for the roses. Soft cotton is not really nice to make roses, it can not make the roses sturdy and ended up like curly edging, not really looks like roses. Furthermore I have tried making more roses (like 18 roses for the hair tie using cotton), I think it is still pretty tho, but too curly but failed to be recognised as rose's shape. Lets have a look how I crochet around the hair ties and start making roses.
This picture depicts the knot I made before starting chaining to cover the hair tie.
It is similar to usual chaining, but aims to covering hair tie and making backbone  for the roses.

2. Making the roses.

# Chain 5 times around the hair tie.

# Chain 7 times upward to make the rose's petals foundation chains.

# Do half double crochet at the third chain from edge.
# Add more 2 half double crochet at the same chain.

# Then chain twice.

# Slip stitch at the same chain. Now we have our first rose petal done.

# To start the second petal on the next foundation chain, start with slip stitch, followed by chain twice, 3 times half double crochet, chain twice again then slip stitch on exactly same foundation chain where the second petal was made. Repeat these step to make second, third and fourth rose petals on next following chains.

# Slip stitch into the second petals foundation chain.

# Then chain 2.

# Chain 5 times again around the hair tie.

# Repeat the rose petal and 5 times chaining around hate tie until we have 8 rose petals. At the last rose, after chaining 2 chains, do slip stitch to the first start chain.

# When it is finished, we will have 8 roses and 8 sets of 5 chains. Then fasten off, and cut the yarn.

3. Making leaves or background.

For the background, basically we can do anything you like. It could be using leave pattern, edging, or even just covering hair tie, and leave it as if.
Notice that there are holes or uncovered parts between the roses we can see from the back? There background or leaves should be placed.
Let's cover it!

Leafy background

* Change yarn to green and make knot.
Do 5 chains around hair tie at the empty/uncovered gap on the hair tie. I recommend to do it at the same point where we start making the roses earlier.

* After 5 chains filling the gap, then chain 10 upward.

* Then slip stitch into the middle of 5 chains around hair tie made with shocking pink yarn.

* Chain 7 times up upward.

* Then make the leaf following this pattern.
Do the same pattern for the other side.

* Fold the leaf, and go to the back of it. Chain 1, slip stich at any back bone-leaf you can find. Do it 4 to 5 times until you reach the end of the leaf.

* Then chain 10 upward.

* Slip stitch in the empty gap, and start chain 5 again to fill it and covering the hair tie. Continue working on the gap and create the leaves until you cover all the hair tie.

When it is finished, we should have 8 flowers and 8 leaves.

This scrunchies made with combination of milk cotton for the flowers and cotton  for the background. The roses are not really sturdy but still pretty tho.

The flowers of this scrunchies was made using acrylic, but the background is not leafy motif.
I am so excited to share another scrunchies I created with all of you!
And if you all find any difficulties regarding to this, feel free to contact me or just drop comments.
I am thinking to prepare like pdf file for all subscribers who wants to print it and keep it in their folders. Just comments, subscribe and leave your e-mail if you wish the file.
Thank You!!

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